This is a work in progress.

Initial observations regarding this FOIA response:

1) MTD has not provided any communications between UIUC and MTD wherein
matters such as scheduling are discussed. While it's possible that MTD and
UIUC make no effort to coordinate their activities (ie to sync up bus
service with Institute of Aviation class schedules), it is also possible
that MTD has failed to provide requested documents, or that MTD has
insisted on verbal communications to avoid being put under a microscope at
a later date. 

2) If the default state of the world is MTD operating buses to Willard and
UIUC is innocently purchasing fares from MTD, why has UIUC agreed to pay
MTD many times the public rate for the ride? If a member of the general
public walks up and boards the bus, the fare is $1. Yet the invoices have
UIUC paying as much as $5.88 per ride. 

3) If the default state of the world is MTD not operating buses to Willard
and MTD runs buses to Willard at the behest of UIUC, then UIUC would seem
to be substantially underpaying MTD for the contracted services, which
means C-U taxpayers and those who pay federal taxes are unwittingly
subsidizing UIUC's Institute of Aviation. 

more to come...